A 6-legged inflatable tent for Adam Internet with 2014 Tour Down Under branding

A 6-legged inflatable tent for Adam Internet

A-Frame and Quill Signage for Adam Internet's Ice Cream giveaway at the 2013 Tour Down Under Bike Expo.

Adam’s marketing team decided to purchase an inflatable tent for their position in the 2014 Tour Village. I created a tour branded skin design for use during the event and a generic one for future events.

One of the draw-cards inside the tent was a free soft-serve machine to be open at regular intervals throughout the day. I designed a quill-banner, complete with vector-illustrated soft-serve cone, to grab attention at a distance. In order to prevent people from having a bad experience caused by missing out, I suggested advertising the next upcoming soft-serve give away via an A-Frame sign with a patch of blackboard paint.

Beach scene illustrated by Martina Budimir.

For Brand New Creative.