Back at UniSA, my entry into the 2009 PCA Southern Cross Packaging Awards took out the silver under brief H.

The brief was to create a beer or wine leisure pack that utilised PET for the primary packaging and B-Flute carton board for the secondary packaging. Constraints for the wine brief include an age range of 18 to 28 years old and the need for each of four bottles to hold 500ml.

Reduction of environmental impact, thorough investigation of materials and promotion of responsible consumption of alcohol were all considered.

The box is totally glueless and designed to be printed with only two inks. Each of the four 500ml bottles is equipped with a pair of PET cups to promote sharing. The opened package can be used to hold a variety of different drink container types.

If I were to revisit this project today, I’d make it 4 x 500ml ciders with no cups.