Brand New Creative Business Cards

Tim Dangerfield at Brand New Creative needed some new business cards and handed me the challenge of designing something interesting around a card stock with a silver foil base on one side.

All information and most of the logo is printed in process black while silver 877C is used on top of the foil substrate to create a uniquely dynamic contrast between matte-metalic and mirror-finish silvers.

While deciding the format for the cards, I realised that the common 90mm x 50mm size is very close to the standard 16:9 aspect ratio of almost all modern televisions. As one of BNC’s main businesses is producing TV commercials, I decided to meet the ratio exactly and enhance the effect by adding video safe areas reversed out of a field of printed matte silver. When held in the hand, the mirror-finish fine linework and BNC star pick up reflected highlights that add a sense of motion to the static item.

For Brand New Creative. BNC logo by Scott Bence.