Toolbox Graphic Design contracted me to construct a series of WordPress websites for the Diverseco group of companies.

AccuPak was the first cab off the rank. Upon its completion, that site served as the template for all to follow. The common basis allow the client to easily manage any one of the sites from with a familiar and intuitive drag and drop interface.

With the bulk of the construction work completed on the first site, most of my time was dedicated to filling the sites with text, image and video content. Some provided new by the client and a large portion drawn from the outgoing sites. Existing WordPress blogs haphazardly tacked onto the old sites were imported along with all of their photos and metadata, saving many hours of content management.

Advanced Custom Fields was used to add custom, easy to use controls for the client that reduce potentially complicated settings to just a few check boxes. A few custom shortcodes were written to compliment these settings and seamlessly facilitate the addition of either a list or grid of child pages to be added to any parent page.

A custom post type and several custom taxonomies were set up for the “Knowledge Centre”, a component of each site where brochures, white papers and technical datasheets can be made available. This section makes use of taxonomy-based filtering, allowing for a large number of documents to be added in the future while maintaining a user-friendly experience.

For each site a set of redirection rules were established to ensure traffic intended for addresses at the old site find its way to the most relevant information on the new one. This was achieved using a plugin allowing the client to add their own redirection rules easily without the bother of having to touch an .htaccess file

I was also engaged directly by the end-client to prepare a series of training videos. These cover general site maintenance but also go into enough detail that updates can be easily delegated to another user in the future.

Sites completed so far: