The wheel picker was originally designed as a grid. The client requested a single-row layout late in development. Directional arrows and scroll hint animation was added in aide of this.

Full instructions further down the page were supplemented with a quick how-to shown to the user on first visit or if they hit the help button.

Finished state showing download button

The user can drag and drop to scale and place wheels with additional options to duplicate, swap or remove the currently active wheel.

A unique version of the wheel selection tray with instructions and controls for swapping one or all wheels for another style.

Each tool has a custom icon and help text shown on hover. The tool tray can be hidden by clicking anywhere outside the wheel.

Monday April 20th, 2020: I was yet to grow any white beard hairs, my first child wasn’t yet born, Covid was cancelling all of our holiday plans and my inbox held an enquiry via my contact form. Dynamic Wheel Co. had seen the wheel visualiser I created for ROH wheels and wanted one of their own. Monday November 13th, 2023: The finished visualiser finally went live along with their new website. At 1302 days in progress, this easily takes my personal silver medal for longest job duration of a single deliverable. This visualiser incorporates many improvements over that which I originally created with Chris Carthew for ROH, including the ability to generate an image file to download, rather than relying on screenshots alone. Originally designed and built to integrate with their existing site, a requirement was that vehicle filtering was to be done on the Wheels page by Facet WP before bumping out to the visualiser. During development however, it was decided that the gargantuan number of product permutations required a new site with bespoke, high-performance filtering and image serving infrastructure. This new site was built by the experts at Ledgend Has It. Pedro contributed a few lines to the visualiser plug-in where getting posts and images was no longer done the usual WordPress way. Though there were some notable functional and design changes requested by the client along the way, we managed to hit within a few dollars of the original job estimate. I’m particularly happy with how the general design and CSS animations worked out.