This is a one-page style site with smooth-scrolling anchor links providing navigation within the content.

The contact section includes custom-coloured live Google maps.

Due to the tight budget, it was necessary to make the most of components available within the parent theme as much as possible. The team section is a standard image gallery block that opens to a custom-styled lightbox.

To get as close as possible to the design visuals without building a completely custom module, the built in iLightbox was used with custom CSS.

Of course, the site is completely responsive.

Another site build for Toolbox Graphic Design. This time for financial advisors, East Private Wealth. As usual, the studio sought feedback during the design stage to ensure the site was achievable on the specified budget and visuals were provided to me as an InDesign package.

As one-page type site, most of the content is stacked in a sequence of full-width panels, accessed via smooth-scrolling anchor links in the main menu. Parallaxing background images and custom SVG overlays add some colour and motion to the site. Getting the coloured triangles to bust out of their parent elements while stacking appropriately in the z-axis was an interesting challenge.

Supporting informational pages at deeper URLs required some trickery with a second copy of the primary menu to achieve the expected user experience. In the footer, the available menu widget didn’t allow for an alternate menu to be substituted per page. Instead, a small amount of custom Javascript checks to see if the home page is being viewed. If not, the link href attributes are updated accordingly.

Given the tight budget, as much as possible of the site was implemented using the features available in the parent theme Avada. The team section consists of an image gallery with a custom-styled iLightbox instance, built to approximate the visuals provided without exceeding the time allowance.