PNX Metals Responsive WordPress Website

Home page with recent news items, live stock feed, parallax images and completely custom footer.

This interactive map links through to projects on the child pages. Being vector based, it is completely adaptable to any size of screen.

Projects page showing the unconventional multi-level dropdown menu.

The people page with makes use of Avada's person block element with some custom styling and JavaScript to achieve the desired look and behaviour.

The Contact page with embedded Google Map and stock widget in the sidebar

This was another interesting build-only WordPress job for Toolbox Graphic Design.

As this was always intended to have content managed directly by the client, thought was given to making use of built in drag and drop elements where possible and achieving Nathan’s custom look via CSS.

A live stock ticker widget displays the company’s current ASX stock price. The one widget is used across the site with CSS applied conditionally to suit dark or light backgrounds.

This has been re-worked several times over the years as the likes of Yahoo and Google have halted support for their stock level APIs. Rather than retrieving the stock price on every page load and hurting performance, the data is stored in a transient for up to 24 hours.

An unusual two-axis dropdown menu design took quite a bit of fiddling to achieve in practice but ended up closely reflecting the visual while being compatible with a range of screens.