My favorite bike light finally gave up the ghost. I don’t like throwing things out that can be fixed.

Some careful spudging with a plectrum (no, you’re thinking of a speculum) and a quick squeeze in “the vice of knowledge” revealed the problem…

…a rather sad and puffy-looking lithium cell.

After quite a lengthy spell trawling the Internet followed by a frustrating wait for shipping, a suitable replacement was found and successfully installed.

After four years of faithfully annoying motorists my favorite bike light ceased to take a charge. Not wanting to throw it away, I set about finding a way to repair it.

Having carefully pried off the face plate and popped open the water seal in the vice of knowledge, I discovered a rather sad-looking 603131 lithium cell. Finding a replacement of the same size proved to be an unviable option with minimum orders of 8000 units. Fortunately, very slightly smaller 603030 cells are readily available on eBay for a few dollars.

2022 Update: I needed to fix another one so recorded a video.