The landing page features background images that use parallax scrolling in multiple directions.

The Revolver Wines Shop featuring animated logo and colour-changing background. While the store is built on WooCommerce the layout is custom-made for this site.

Hover state for a store item.

Active state of a shop product with AJAX-powered add to cart button.

The cart with logo mid animation. The store was built with support for very granular shipping zones based on Australian post codes.

Fridge Benefits was a sadly short-lived wine subscription service aimed at corporate entertainment.

The site features a live Instagram feed which locally caches recent posts to provide fast load times and protect against transient API service failures.

In addition to the copy in the footer, the client required a pop-up MailChimp signup form linked from the sticky header.

The original holding page with CSS animated logo and colour-changing background. See the live site for smooth animations.

This one started as a simple, CSS animated holding page for new brand, Revolver Wines. The site is responsive, of course, and the logo animation utilises inline SVG graphics for great performance and sharp rendering.

I later carried the logo and background colour animations from the holding page over to the full WordPress site. That featured a landing page with parallax background images, a shop built on WooCommerce and, for a time, a wine subscription service cleverly called “Fridge Benefits”.

The custom layout of the store provided some interesting challenges when converting the designer’s static visuals into a reflowable, interactive experience.

This is another one designed by Toolbox and built by me.