The Vomax Instrumentation site features a particularly complex eCommerce implementation, complete with role-based pricing.

Vomax Instrumentation home page showing video slide of slideshow

Documents are shown or hidden according to the current viewer's user role. Filtering and search make it easy to quickly find documents.

The products landing page featuring detailed, live search, links to product categories and promotional panels for key products.

The site makes use of WooCommerce to provide retail e-commerce and online ordering for dealers.

Products range from simple components to complex machines with multiple variables to select from. Preparing and importing tabular data was a key part of this project.

Tabs provide additional information, links to components, matched by SKU and relevant support articles and videos, if the user is allowed to see them.

Where relevant, a components tab is shown. The data is provided as a comma separated string of SKUs which are then parsed and linked to other products in the store.

Contact Page with detailed contact form.

As of early 2020, the Vomax Instrumentation website is the new most complex website I’ve ever designed and built. Built on WordPress and WooCommerce, it features online retail sales and wholesale ordering, user registration and approval and a comprehensive documentation centre complete with filtering and restriction by user role.

The client was able to provide a very high standard of photo and video content as well as all of their product data assembled in a spreadsheet for import. These factors were key to producing a highly functional and good looking site.

As often happens, I gave the logo a slight freshen up to suit the modern look and feel of the site.