The site includes two contact forms, this one allowing prospective employees to upload a résumé.

Each single project page can either adhere to a strict template or flexibly adapt to make use of the block-editor's features, depending on what content is available. This project involved re-processing super high res drone scans using a GIS package.

I edited together the top video out of a selection of short snippets provided. Combining blending modes, video and background blur features was tricky but worth the effort. Icons on the page where designed by me, new for this site.

The projects page features large thumbnails to make the most of the initially small number of case studies. An alternate design featuring filtering is ready for when there are too many to simply browse.

An accordion element condenses lots of content down into a small space, is easy for novice users to edit and adds interactivity to what would otherwise be a bland wall of text.

This project entailed a full website design and build for a new entrant into the bustling civil construction market. The request was for a sharp and strongly branded outcome worth the attention of Platinum’s tier 1 and 2 clients.

Features include contact forms, video, parallax and scroll-based animation. A smart looking and highly functional projects gallery is core to the site and specifically designed to start with only a couple of projects with the flexibility to expand greatly over time. Search and filtering options can be easily integrated down the track once simply browsing is no longer sufficient. The client brought their own logo and supporting brand element along from another designer, accompanied by complication. The circular brand element was in a style distinct to indigenous Australian art, in step with the cultural background of Platinum’s core staff and the socioeconomic goals of the business. The final design for the site sensitively incorporates the provided brand assets, expanding on generic marks and shapes while taking care to avoid transforming or mimicking those intrinsic to native culture.