You must always start your Blender journey with Andrew Price's excellent donut tutorial series.

Donut rendered with Cycles ray tracing engine.

An early test render of a Prohibition GnT can. This was my first challenge to myself, having gained knowledge and confidence with tutorials.

Getting crazy with post processing within Blender's workflow.

Real vs Augmented Reality PLC Gin and Tonic cans on my kitchen table

500ml Prohibition Bathtub Cut Gin bottle modelled and rendered in Blender

This was a learning project that served as a great proof of concept for later paid work.

The rear view shows off how good renders can look with HDRI environments.

I was quite pleased with the metallic foil and high-build varnish on the stopper, though ended up using a more streamlined method later.

Prohibition Xmas Gin rendered in Blender

Blender enabled me to put Prohibition's 2022 Xmas Gin in a snow globe, complete with animations for web and social deployment.

The 2023 rose gold bottle taught me rigid body physics, allowing particles to bounce off of the bottle realistically.

John Shearer lacked photography of a brand new component, so I worked with their CAD files to create some graphics for an urgently needed brochure.

My new trick for 2022 is Blender. I’ve been interested in 3D graphics for as long as I can remember but beyond some dabbling with Lightwave in high school, never found a reason to get started in earnest.

Having previously made some use of Adobe’s laughable 3D tools, I thought it was time to have a serious crack at learning a real 3D package. I had checked out Blender a decade ago but the near-vertical learning curve put me off.

Now we are in the age of well-produced, free tutorials, so it only took a few chance encounters with Blender to get me fully engaged. It is so far proving fun and exciting and I’ve even managed to use it for a couple of paid projects. Here’s hoping there will be many more in the future!

Case study: still and animated renders for Prohibition Liquor Co’s Christmas Gin. This video was for their home page slide show. Other square, vertical and perfect-looping versions were produced for their social media.



3D renders and Augmented Reality (Apple’s AR Kit) are proving to be a great tool for wowing clients with packaging design projects.

If you’re looking for someone in Adelaide to tackle little 3D modelling and rendering projects, hit me up!