Prohibition Liquor Co Responsive WordPress Website

Mobile responsive WordPress website with e-commerce for Prohibition Liquor Co, via Toolbox Graphic Design.

Adam Carpenter, founder of Toolbox Design, likes to dream big and is never one to shy away from a challenge. When he and a friend decided they wanted to try their hand in the small-batch, premium gin market, they had me put together this e-commerce website in record time; under a week for the main build!

As a professional designer, Adam was able to provide desktop visuals for me to implement. I then extended those into additional states for a variety of common screen sizes and added a few neat touches of my own where a couple of small problems needed solving.

Given the very short turn-around time, I assisted Adam and designer Amanda with recommendations on design cues, plugins and services that would streamline the development and allow the fledging label to go to market with an unrestrained web presence.

Previously I whipped up a teaser page for the brand in just one evening when their brand new Facebook page rapidly started gaining attention.

To this day I continue to assist with maintenance, content updates and additions. I also manage hosting for the site and their ever growing set of email boxes.