This screen animation was captured and carefully honed back as much as possible to be small enough to embed in the MailChimp campaign as an animated GIF.

The user can upload a photo or take one right on their device's camera without leaving the page.

They can then choose wheel and tyre combinations to suit their vehicle.

Wheels can be scaled, moved, duplicated and easily changed for other styles. When complete all of the extraneous info on the page is hidden to facilitate taking a screenshot.

A MailChimp campaign template and press ad were created to accompany the launch, along with modifications to the ROH home page.

Early in 2018 ROH enquired about creating an easy to use, interactive, cross-platform utility for virtually placing their wheels on user-supplied photos of their own cars. My solution allows retailers and potential customers to simulate the addition of ROH wheels to their vehicle using any smartphone, tablet or computer, without the need to install an app.

Images “uploaded” to the visualiser actually stay on the user’s own device, both protecting their privacy and minimising server load.

Designed by me. PHP, WordPress tweaking and CSS obsessing by me.

Lots and lots of original recipe, hand-crafted JavaScript by Chris Carthew.